● First Degree Murder - Transfer of Fourteen-Year-Old Juvenile to Adult Court on Murder Charges Reversed - Cause No. 2 CA-JV 1997-0039: This fourteen-year-old client was transferred to adult court to face prosecution which required a mandatory life prison sentence. Mr. Mattern found that child's prior attorney had a conflict of interest and was ineffective. The case was returned to the juvenile court. 

Because of Paul Mattern this client avoided facing first degree murder

prosecution as an adult and a mandatory life sentence.

● Transportation and Possession of Marijuana for Sale - Trial conviction and Fifteen year and nine month Prison Sentence Reversed - Yuma County Cause No. S1400CR960013: This client was sentenced to 15.75 years in prison after the trial. The client's trial attorney and appellate attorney were ineffective. The trial court rejected a plea offer based in part, on the belief that she was not a citizen. Paul Mattern and his investigator found this client's birth records, and found other flaws in the proceedings. After negotiation, this case was resolved with a plea bargain that resulted in the client being released in eight months. 

Because of Paul Mattern this client was released from prison 

seven years and nine months early.

● Conspiracy to Commit First Degree Murder - Trial Conviction Reversed and Mandatory Life Sentence Prevented - Yuma County Cause No. S1400CR200200970: Client was convicted of Conspiracy to Commit First Degree Murder. She was facing a mandatory sentence of life in prison when Mr. Mattern took over her representation. Before sentencing, Mr. Mattern proved that her defense lawyer was ineffective, and negotiated a plea agreement to 9.5 years in prison. 

Paul Mattern prevented this client from being sentenced to a mandatory life 

prison sentence, and through negotiation, the client was released from prison less

                                                         than seven years after sentencing.

● Multiple Drive-By Shootings - Trial Conviction and Forty-Two Year Prison Sentence Reversed - Division Two Cause No. 2 CA-CR 2002-01076: Client was convicted of two separate drive-by shootings and sentenced to 21 years for each, meaning he would have spent forty-two years in prison. During trial, this client's lawyer asked the judge for separate trials for each offense. Paul Mattern handled the appeal and convinced the appellate court that the trial court made a mistake by not granting separate trials. The client then took a plea offer for ten years. 

Because of Paul Mattern and the client's subsequent Public Defender, the client was

                                        released thirty-two years earlier than his original sentence. 

● Possession of Marijuana for Sale - One and One-Half Year Prison Sentence Vacated and Client Immediately Released - Yuma County Cause No. S14000CR2001-00052: Client was convicted of one class 5 felony and one class 6 felony. He was unlawfully sentenced to prison as if he had been convicted of class 4 and 5 (more serious) felonies. His trial lawyer was ineffective for not seeing that the client was being sentenced for more serious crimes than he had ever been convicted of. The client was re-sentenced to one nine month sentence and one six month sentence

This client was immediately released from prison

                                                                   because of Paul Mattern. 

● Promoting Prison Contraband and Possession of a Dangerous Drug - Trial Conviction and 15.75 Year Prison Sentence Reversed - Division One Cause No. 1 CA-CR 02-0785: Client was convicted at trial. Neither the prosecutor, the defense attorney nor the trial court recognized that this client was entitled to 12 jurors. He was only given 8 jurors. After his convicted was reversed he accepted a plea bargain to 4.5 years in prison.

Because of Paul Mattern this client was released from

                                                            prison 11 years and 3 months early

● Second Degree Murder - Trial Conviction and 10 Year Prison Sentence Reversed - Division One Cause No. 1 CA-CR 02-01064: Paul Mattern successfully argued that the client was denied a fair trial based on the court's failure to adequately advise the jury regarding self-defense. The case was dismissed after it was remanded to the trial court. 

This client was released from prison over 7 years

                                                              early because of Paul Mattern. 

● Three Counts of Armed Robbery- 21 year prison sentence reduced to 10 years - Yuma County Cause No. 1998 C 00453: This client was convicted at trial and lost his appeal. Paul Mattern handled his Petition for Post-Conviction Relief and argued that the trial court provided flawed jury verdict forms, and that the client's conviction was wrongfully enhanced. He also argued that the client's trial lawyer and appeal lawyer were ineffective for failing to find this mistake. 

Because of Paul Mattern, this client was released

from prison 11 years early.

● Fraud Schemes and Artifices, Forgery, and Possession of a Dangerous Drug- Trial Conviction and 15.75 Prison Sentence Reversed - Division One Cause Number 1 CA-CR 03-0387, Yuma County Superior Court Cause Number S1400CR2002-01171: In his appeal, Paul Mattern argued that one of this client's prior convictions was too old to be used to enhance his sentence, and that his prior lawyer was ineffective for not objecting to this. The case was returned to the trial court and his sentence was reduced to 9.75 years. At that point, Paul Mattern alleged that the prosecutor engaged in misconduct because the he did not advise the client's first trial lawyer that one of the police officers on the case was being prosecuted for felonies himself at the time this matter was pending. Paul Mattern also alleged that the client's trial lawyer was ineffective for not finding these facts. At this point, the client was offered a plea bargain where he would be immediately released on probation, and he accepted the offer. This client's 15.75 year sentence was vacated and he was placed on probation. 

This client was released from prison 11 years early and

placed on probation because of Paul Mattern. 

● Felony Child Abuse- Trial Conviction and 4.5 Year Prison Sentence Reversed - Division One Cause No. 1 CA-CR 03-0907: On appeal Paul Mattern successfully argued that the court admitted inadmissible hearsay in violation of Arizona Rules of Evidence and the Confrontation Clause of the United States Constitution. The conviction was reversed and the client was not re-prosecuted.

Because of Paul Mattern this client's felony conviction and 4.5 year prison

                                           sentence were reversed. He was not re-prosecuted.

● Multiple Counts of Child Molest, Dangerous Crimes Against Children - 5 Year Prison Sentence Vacated and Client Allowed to Withdraw from the Plea Agreement - Yuma County Superior Court Cause No.S1400CR200800958: Client entered a plea agreement in which she was sentenced to 5 years in prison for committing a child molest, which was enhance by being a "dangerous crime against children." In Arizona, a dangerous crime against children requires the victim to be fourteen years of age or younger at the time of the offense. In this matter, the victim was sixteen years old at the time of the offense. The client was innocent of the "dangerous crimes against children" allegation. Paul Mattern alleged that the prior lawyer was ineffective for not calculating how old the victim was at the time of the offense before agreeing to the plea. He also alleged the prosecutor was incorrect in charging his client with this offense in the first place. 

This client's conviction and 5 year sentence were reversed, and the

                                          client was allowed to withdraw from her plea bargain.

● Alien Smuggling - 47 Month Sentence Vacated and New Sentencing Hearing Ordered - United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Cause No. 03-10656: Client was convicted at trial and sentenced to 47 Months in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. In this published appeal at 418 F.3d 1093 (9th Cir. 2005). 

Paul Mattern won his client a new sentencing hearing

                                                                based on changes in the law.

● ​Trafficking in Stolen Property, Felony Theft, Forgery and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia - Prison Sentence of 15.75 Years Reduced to 9.25 Years: Division One Cause No. 1 CA-CR 06-0079: Client was convicted at trial, and the prosecutor alleged that the client had two prior felony convictions that could be used to enhance his sentence. In Arizona, only certain prior felony convictions can be used to do this, and after so long, they are too old to use. In this case, Paul Mattern identified one prior felony that was just too old to use. He alleged the that the prior attorney was ineffective, and the client was re-sentenced to 9.25 years. The prosecutor missed this mistake, the defense lawyer missed this mistake, and the trial court missed this mistake

                      Because of Paul Mattern, this client's sentence was reduced by 6.5 years in prison.

● Felony Theft (Juvenile Client) - Finding of Responsible and Sentence to the Juvenile Department of Corrections Reversed - Division One Cause No. 1 CA-JV 07-0184: Paul Mattern argued that the client was denied counsel by the trial court at all stages of the proceedings. As a result the client was appointed the attorney he was entitled to and his finding of delinquency (which is like a conviction if he were an adult) and sentence to juvenile prison was reversed. 

This client's sentence to the Juvenile Department of Corrections and

                                      finding of delinquency was reversed due to Paul Mattern.

● Indecent Exposure (Juvenile Court) - Order of the Juvenile Court Requiring Client to Participate in Programs Chosen by the Court Reversed, and Sentence to the Juvenile Department of Corrections was Reversed Pending a New Sentencing Hearing: Division One Cause No. 1 CA-JV 08-0091: The trial court judge ordered the client to be incarcerated in the Juvenile Department of Corrections and ordered the client to participate in a program chosen by the judge. In Arizona, a juvenile trial court judge lacks the authority to order juveniles sent to juvenile prison to participate in certain programs. Only the Juvenile Department of Corrections can make these decisions. 

Because of Paul Mattern, the client was not forced to participate in a program

chosen by the trial judge rather than the Juvenile Department of Corrections

● Conducting a Chop Shop, Two Counts of Theft of a Means of Transportation - Client pleaded guilty to a felony and was sentenced to intense probation. His attorney did not take the necessary time to explain the plea bargain, and let the client make an informed decision on whether he should accept it. The client was sentenced and labelled a felon. Paul Mattern filed a petition which allowed the client withdraw from the plea bargain and set the case for trial. Once the case was set for trial, the prosecutor filed a Motion to Dismiss with Prejudice. 

This client's felony conviction was vacated, his probation was terminated, and he can never

again be prosecuted because of Paul Mattern.


Winning appeals AND Post-conviction litigation by criminal attorney Paul Mattern


Although every case and situation is different, Attorney Paul Mattern has achieved the following results in post-conviction and appellate litigation. Every victory was the result of Paul Mattern reviewing a case and finding mistakes made by the prior defense lawyer, the prosecutor, the trial court, or finding changes in the law that helped his clients. Paul Mattern's appellate and post-conviction victories below show his expertise not only in appeals, but his ability to handle your case no matter what position you are in right now. Paul Mattern does not delegate to associates.  Paul Mattern personally won every case:

In his two decades of experience, Paul Mattern has defended clients against charges of first degree murder, second

degree murder, manslaughter, endangerment, threatening or intimidating, aggravated assault, drive by shooting,

prisoner assault with bodily fluids, custodial interference, unlawful imprisonment, kidnapping, sex trafficking, indecent

exposure, public sexual indecency, sexual abuse, sexual conduct with a minor, sexual assault, child molestation,

continuous sexual abuse, trespassing, burglary, possession of burglary tools, criminal damage, arson, theft, shoplifting,

issuing bad checks, theft of a means of transportation, armed robbery, robbery, forgery, trafficking in stolen property,

participating or assisting a criminal syndicate, fraudulent schemes and artifices, money laundering, escape, resisting

arrest, hindering prosecution, perjury, animal fighting, misconduct involving weapons, prostitution, possession for sale,

transporting and transporting for sale dangerous drugs, narcotic drugs, marijuana and precursor materials, domestic

violence offenses, multi-national drug-trafficking and distribution conspiracies, multi-national alien smuggling offenses,

multi-national sex-slave smuggling, illegal reentry after deportation, and federal tax fraud offenses, DUI, DUI drugs,

and other traffic related offenses.

Paul Mattern's trial experience includes over one-hundred and twenty criminal trials; approximately forty which were heard by jury and approximately thirty which were felonies. His felony trial experience includes first degree murder in which the state sought the death penalty, second degree murder, manslaughter, child molestation, drive by shooting, drug conspiracy, drug sale, drug possession, drug equipment and manufacturing related charges, drive-by shooting, child abuse, custodial interference, white collar and fraud related offenses, aggravated assault, vehicular manslaughter, burglary, theft, armed robbery, felony DUI, and others.

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                                                                  In the United States, we not only incarcerate more citizens than any developed nation in the world,                                                                                                                 but 55 percent of male inmates in state prisons are mentally ill, and 73 percent of female inmates 
                                                                  suffer from 
mental illness.  Unfortunately, our jail and prison systems are used to warehouse the 
                                                                  mentally ill without stopping to consider how much mental illness may explain how these citizens 
                                                                  ended up in the criminal justice system. 

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